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Jamesia Johnai The Wealth Creator 

I show people how to use other people's money to pay their mortgage, create cash flow, generate wealth, and protect their assets.  I recruit train and develop entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Life Insurance, and Financial Services is how I help others get on the right side of money. Financial literacy, stability, and freedom are SEXY!

Asset Protection - Life InsuranceFeature

Life Insurance has products and services available for individuals, families and small business owners.  Learn more here.

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Debt Solutions & Credit 

Interested in eliminating debt , learning more about your personal and business credit journey.  Click below for some valuable solutions and resources.

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Real Estate 

Ready to buy? Thinking about selling? Want to know what your home is worth or simply understand the buying process more.  Here is a great place to start working with Jamesia Johnai!

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Subscribe to my youtube channel to have weekly chats with me about wealth, equity and diversification. Also follow my Facebook Business Page for the latest real estate information and more. 

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How To Create New Black Wall Street 

Black America is In Trouble - we are trending to have a net worth of ZERO dollars, $0 by the year 2053, that is only 33 years from now!!!! What are some things we can do? Let's discuss solutions Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Sales and how these play apart in our financial freedom and solid financial foundation. Economic stability and a solid economic foundation is the key. Learn the most important part of the financial foundation and how you can leverage it to create generational wealth as well as capital for future investments. Find out the 3 methods the wealthy use to generate and pass down wealth.

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