Manifest Your Dream Business

w/ Jamesia Johnai

Are you ready to Manifest Your Dream Business?

All my life I knew I had a passion for people, I loved helping people.  So naturally, I wanted to be a Psychiatrist until I realized I had to go to medical school.  Then I decided on psychology, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and becoming a Human Resource Professional.

Yet I still wasn't FULFILLED, I wanted to do MORE!

Can you relate?

Not only that I began to realize a job would never pay me what I felt, no what I knew I was really worth.  I needed to take my financial future into my own hands, I had a dream, vision, a business to birth.

Instead jumping in and starting a business, I started a blog I wrote daily to Enspire, Encourage, Engage, Enform and Empower Women.  Then I realized men needed Empowerment and all of that too.

However I wasn't MONETIZING my PASSION.

Then I began to research, read, study, and learn what it truly meant to be in BUSINESS. 

I want to share with you things that have


Properly Positioned me to Profit Prosperously

Master Class 10.05.2017 @ 8:00PM

"If you are making less than $50,000 anually with your side hustle, it's a HOBBY!"

Your Passion

is your




Jamesia Johnai is the owner of a successful business and brand Epiphany Essentials.  She is a speaker who has created and hosts sold out conferences in Chicago, IL and is a #1 Best Selling Amazon author.

Jamesia Johnai has a Success Mindset and wants to share her knowledge with you!

This is a Master Class you don't want to miss....we hope to see you there Thursday, October 5th at 8:00PM CST for the low cost of only $20.17 in honor of 2017.



8:00PM CST

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