The Finger Nail Struggle

November 15, 2016

Lessons in finger nails.....yes finger nails!  How is it possible one can learn a lesson from something as simple as finger nails?  At 15, I began wearing fake nails done by Koreans (line stolen from Lauryn Hill), however I would also admire women who had beautiful, long, strong natural finger nails.  Every once in awhile I will take the fake nails off and attempt to get a manicure.  What I saw were ugly, weak, brittle nails that easily would break and wouldn't grow.




So the most logical solution for me was to.......go back to fake nails!  Then the cycle would repeat, I would attempt at having my own natural beautiful nails and be back in the nail shop asking for a full-set, well actually pink and white.  What did I learn from this experience?






About 4 years ago, I decided THAT IS IT!  I too can have beautiful, healthy natural nails, so I started the process and removed my fake nails.  I found a nail shop with a nail technician who specialized in and promoted healthy natural nails.  I went through the ugly, brittle, weak phases begrudgingly.  I have always believed finger nails should look a certain way.  Now, when I saw a woman with a pink and white I would envy the beauty of her nails then remind myself that natural nails can be beautiful as well.  So, I continued to




Admittedly, a few times I got no chip manicures, one too many too.  My nail technician tried to warn me but I didn't listen.  I found myself back at square one but I stuck with it.  For my birthday and special holidays I may still get fake nails done by Koreans LOL however, I immediately take them off within a few weeks or so.


See what I learned in the process is, I have the ability to have long, beautiful natural nails like any other woman.  My choice to add on acrylic, gel or whatever nails it what was weakening my real nails.  Once I COMMITTED to the process and decided to




All was well.  My nails are healthy, beautiful, growing and now look like the nails of many women I envied.




This taught me a valuable lesson, in life there are things I want that I don't have because I am not DISCIPLINED, COMMITTED, or TRUSTING of the PROCESS.


What in life do you want that truly only requires your discipline and commitment?  For me I can say my next hurdle is my goal of having a 24" waist, I have to knock off 5" by May, my next birthday and I'm ready.

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