Selfish and Proud!

November 16, 2016

Say it out loud, I'm Selfish and Proud!!!!  This post is more so for the ladies, however gentlemen may be able to relate as well.


Merriam-Webster defines Selfish as concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.  The first part of this definition, concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself, we don't have a problem with.  Selfishness becomes an issue when one is selfish and completely disregards others.  Disregarding others isn't the SELFISH we are promoting.


We are actually encouraging the need for "ME" time.  How many of the readers actually take time out on a daily, weekly, monthly or simply regular basis for themselves?  I posed this question on FaceBook for the ladies only and the responses I received I unfortunately expected. Some ladies shared that they now incorporate me time or healthy selfishness into their lives. Others stated they are still learning or re-training themselves as they were taught early on that once they had children or became a wife they would become LAST.


I received two comments that I want to share that captured my thought process on what it means to be selfish PERFECTLY: 


"Self care is a bill that has a due date the same as your other bills. If you allow this bill go past the due date you only cheating yourself. Even if you can't pay the bill in full make small deposits." Bernina Sykes


"I think about what they tell you on the airplane-put on your mask first. When I first became a parent I could not understand why I wouldn't put my babies mask on first--well they won't be able to and if I'm passed out then we both are done. Point can't be good to anybody if you aren't taking care of yourself. Too often we are burning both ends of the candle--putting off that oil change-give yourself a break-get the tune up-you can take care of yourself and your family and it isn't selfish." Crystal Donnette Lay


Inexpensive Ways to Be Selfish! (No technology allowed!)


Wake up 15/20/30 minutes maybe even an hour earlier than usually - enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, pray, meditate, read, listen to music, enjoy a shower or bath in silence (its the little things that go a long way)

Sit in your backyard, front porch, at a park, beach etc. and simply enjoy the sounds of nature

Create a soothing face mask 

Rub the ball of your feet against a tennis or baseball (this is great for your health!)

Practice Yoga, Pilates, Work-out

Arrive to work early and enjoy a few minutes of solitude in your car


Do something that will benefit you, that is just for you, that you can do alone and still be an awesome woman, mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend etc.  It is OK to prioritize yourself and have ME Time on your daily TO DO LIST!



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