Personal Empowerment Advocate

  Business, Career, and Education


Jamesia Johnai has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and is a professional member of the Society of Human Resource Management.  She currently consults with a non-profit agency providing Talent Acquisition and Internship Program Management.  Jamesia Johnai is also an entrepreneur, building and solidifying her brand.

Jamesia Johnai is here to assist you with turning your D.R.E.A.M.S to Reality, Daringly Reaching Excellence and Manifesting Success in your business, career, personal and/or education endeavors.

Signature Training & Courses Include:

  • Mindset Matters

  • Empowered to Earn - Career and/or Entrepreneurship

  • Wealth Wellness & Financial Empowerment

  • Youth - Financial Literacy Program, Education to Career, Education to Entrepreneurship

Jamesia Johnai provides 1-on-1, group and corporate training. 

Job Openings - Nationwide

Jamesia Johnai is a Consultant with  She has access to job listings throughout the US and direct contact with employers.

Current Openings include positions in Healthcare, Engineering/IT, Sales, and Administration.

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Career Coaching
Resume Rewrites

Jamesia Johnai takes a consultative approach to Career Coaching.  Clients engage in a 30 minute phone interview to discuss career success, goals, aspirations and more.  Jamesia Johnai also focuses on the individuals Mindset and anything that may be blocking one from finding a job, keeping a job, and/or exceling in their chose profession.

This consultation also includes a Resume Review & Revision.

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Your resume is your first impression with employers usually.  You only have 60 seconds to impress, is your resume working for you? Are you receiving call backs and request for interviews?  If you are, great! If you are not, you need to contact us immediately.  Your resume is holding you back.  We create results for our clients the lead to call backs and more.  Combine our resume rewrite service with career coaching to receive all the tips and training you need to pass the phone screens, in-person interviews, negotiate salary & more.