Ultimate Money Conference 1.4.2020 - Chicago




"The only aspect of the event that I had any regrets about was not being able to hear every presenter. Possibly a replay of each speaker for attendees should be available."

"What I loved about the conference was it made me feel empowered, it gave me hope, it uplifted me, and fired me up to go to the work. I learned and heard things that I never heard before. I was truly amazed it the information that was shared. I'm looking forward to applying some of the strategies that I learned. Some improvements that I would like to happen If the speakers give us copies of their presentations. Make it a 2 day conference so it can be a working workshop and you can attend all sessions. We come with our credit reports and we work on budgets and different things. If you offer webinar tge volume needs to be louder. The speakers should use a mic. We we go to our break out session people should not stop and talk loud so people can't hear the session their in. We need to be in different rooms with doors to be closed."

An event jam-packed with valuable information from start to finish. I walked out with a different perspective about investing my money.

"I want to be able to see all presentations. I really love how this is the only conference i have attended where my children can gain wealth and knowledge as well."