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Event Feedback

"TODAY HAS BEEN AMAZING!!! I've learned an abundance of information regarding wealth building such as credit, business loans, real estate investments, IRAs, Black Economics, entrepreneurship and debt elimination. I'm so proud of my spirit sista Jamesia Johnai for putting on a fascinating event. It was more than Enforming, Engaging, Enspiring, or Empowering it was Black Excellence!!! She put the pieces together and gave the audience wealth on a platter served by each participating individual that shifted the mindsets of all who attended. Furthermore, my sista SLAYED! I remember a few years back she would be afraid to speak...today baby, I walked in the room and she was so CONFIDENT I had to do a double-take! (I'm about to cry)...Keep doing the damn thang Johnai! I'm so proud of you! My sisters Netiva Heard and Danielle Pierce was AMAZING, real and raw as always! I finally heard my FB friend Nick Cooper spit KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM about black economics. If you didn't make this event you truly missed out. However, all is not lost. She did stream it live and the stream will be available for purchase. Do NOT miss out on this wealth of information. All that was given were practical steps that we all can take to generate wealth for our communities and the generations to come." Crystal Iris

"It was life changing. I believe it's because of the people that were there. I think the difference with this event, the people you had were to me God sent. They answered a lot of my prayers, you, answered a lot of my prayers. I just want to say thank you and congratulations. Job well done, God bless you." Nia Epps

"Discussing Investment Strategies and Financial
Planning with my 12 year old son is the dopest thing ever! The 8 hour Wealth Conference hosted by Epiphany Essentials( Jamesia Johnai )was everything the doctor ordered! So many amazing speakers and guests...

"BROKE" is a state of mind...
"WEALTH" is tied to mindset.

I have no time to worry about people 
and things that don't make me better. 
But I do have time to plan for an amazing future! Success is on the menu. Dinner is served." Serita Love